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Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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The RIMS Rainbow Institute of Medical Sciences is developed with the vision of providing the best and expertise treatment option under one roof for the people of western vidarbha region.

It was a long standing requirement of the people of Amravati and around. It was with the aim of transforming the conventional treatment methodology to the modern day approach to the medical and surgical skills.

It is about changing mindsets of people of roaming hospitals to hospitals for multiple problems by bringing in the complete solution under one roof. It is a perfect blend of experience of the senior practicing doctors and enthusiastic younger generations with skills of superspeciality.

Our journey began 4 years back when the idea of building such a hospital with the centre theme of trust, honesty, easy accessibility and affordability for improving health care clicked in mind. Since then the tireless efforts of 4 years now stands in front of you as RIMS with all finest and latest technology. Not to mention that the man behind the machine is more important and so is our teams of doctors 24x7. Our aim was to make every specialist available under one roof and we have succeeded in that.

Our services rest on three aspects

  • THE MAN (Consultants)
  • THE MACHINE (Advanced Technology)
  • THE POWER (The Infrastructure)

With this project, the shoulders are loaded with more responsibility which I, on behalf of the team pledge to fulfill.

A quality healthcare is not a luxury anymore….it is the basic need and right of every common man. We shall effortlessly try to make a better bond with the society and come true to its expectations.

Every life is precious and so is your support.

Dr. Shyam Rathi

Chairperson and Visionary, RIMS